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For successful and well-organized excursions, HK Tours offers you a list of remarkable destinations in close proximity to Essaouira. Contact us to schedule any of the day trips below:

Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki, is located 27 km outside of Essaouira on the road to Agadir. Its beaches are a well-known local tourism sight, and has also become a popular spot for surfers and other water sports enthusiasts.

The village consists of small homes and a growing number of hotels and guest houses. A few decades ago, this virgin housing area was home to the sanctuary of the Marabout Sidi Kaouki, a mausoleum dedicated to an early twentieth century veterinarian, who managed to save the goats of the area from a plague epidemic and was thus recognized as a holy man. Today the growth is felt gradually and a wind turbine field stands in the north of Sidi Kaouki.

The Waterfalls of Sidi M'Barek

The stunning waterfalls of Sidi M’Barek are located not far from Sidi Kaouki along the coastal road leading to Agadir. This lovely area is a great place to take a stroll on the beautiful road along the Oued towards the waterfalls.

Souk Had Draa

Had Draa Souk is the local weekly market that is held every Sunday.
It is the place where the majority of Essaouirans from the city and surrounding villagers come to do their shopping and also to sell their crops. Rows of freshly harvested vegetables can be selected from the kilos scattered on the ground, still covered in the soil they were dug from. Each product has its specific place in the souk as well as areas for animals that can also be purchased.
An early morning visit to the souk during the sale of camels and other animals is the most interesting time to explore.
If you want to take a break from shopping, there are also many Berber cafes under makeshift tents, where you can relax with a cup of famous Moroccan mint tea.

Village of Moulay Bouzerktoun

The village of Moulay Bouzerktoun is a small fishing village located 25 kilometers north of Essaouira towards Safi. It is also a known hotspot for surfers of every kind.
A local mosque and a marabout overlook the quaint village and its beaches. The latter is on the steps of the Moussem (festival) Regraga held every year around the month of April.

Essaouira Agadir

120 €

The city of renewal is famous for its temperate year-round climates and shelters one of the most beautiful bays in the world. This cosmopolitan city offers first class resorts, hotel accommodations and stunning beaches that rival any found around the globe.

In February 1960, a catastrophic earthquake completely destroyed the city. Agadir’s reconstruction would certainly prove one of the greatest challenges of the newly independent Morocco. However, the will and determination of a young King Hassan II, who had ruled for only a year, would realize the wish and hope of an entire people by re-building Agadir from its ashes.

Now, this modern metropolis is lined with wide avenues, flower gardens, a magnificent harbor, extraordinary airport and a splendid bay, which stretches over six kilometers and is decorated with wind fragrant pines, eucalyptus and tamarisk trees.

This thriving city is a preferred destination of choice for both local and international travelers alike. Whether you are passing through this gateway to the south seeking a unique cultural adventure or traveling on holiday for business or pleasure, Agadir promises an ideal stay during any season.

Essaouira Marrakech

150 €

Marrakech, the 'Pearl of the South', is a 'Makhzen' (imperal) city located 176 km from Essaouira. In the past, it used to be the capital of the kingdom, yet, currently, it is not only the capital of a region but all of southern Morocco.

Ranked on the list of World Heritage cities by UNESCO, the red city, as its known to Marrakchies, with a population of almost a million inhabitants has a privileged position, both historically and geographically. Its central location makes it an ideal bridge between the north and the south of the country. Situated between the Atlas and the Atlantic coast, the city enjoys a mild, dry climate and temperatures between 11.5 C° in January, 28.7 C° and 38 C° in July and August. The result is a perfect mix between the High Atlas and the Anti Atlas mountains as well as those of the Sahara desert.

The Pearl of the South attracts over 2 million visitors from around the globe each year. The city has experienced a remarkable expansion over the last ten years. The luxury tourism market has grown considerably since the 2000s, but dates back to 1967 with the arrival of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech and his later acquisition of the Majorelle Gardens in 1980. Marrakech has since become a place known for its culture, arts, traditions and architectural heritage that has gradually attracted many famous artists from around the world. The city has indeed become a fashionable destination combining luxury, refinement and authenticity with a unique charm that caters to many celebrities, the European jet-set and fascinated tourists who are excited to explore this melting pot of Eastern and Western sensibilities.

Marrakech is like no other Moroccan city, particularly as it relates to transportation and traffic! Do not be surprised by the massive presence of bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, donkeys, carriages, buses, small and large taxis where everyone seems to have their own rules of the road! Be very careful when crossing the bustling streets even with cross walks! As for the nostalgic, they will find numerous opportunities for an up close and personal immersion into city life in Marrakech via the many horse drawn carriages that are available to take them on a tour of this uniquely cosmopolitan town.

Essaouira Safi

150 €

Safi is a vibrant coastal city situated between El Jadida and Essaouira and is home to over 120 kilometers of fine golden beaches. It is famous for its legendary hospitality and historical landmarks, which include a sea castle, old city walls, a Portuguese Cathedral and other monuments that link Safi to its rich history as one the ancient cities of the Kingdom.

Safi, like most of Morocco’s coastal cities has developed a strong fishing industry and is home to the first sardine port in the world, which was built in the sixties. Fishing continues to dominate the local economy, in addition to a vibrant craft sector. Indeed, the craft industry is considered to be among the main economic activities of the province of Safi. It is distinguished not only by its quality, but also the diversity of products, particular as it relates to the famous Safi pottery.

Essaouira Oualidia

180 €

This small town of Oualidia, a former fishing village, is on the Atlantic coast located one hour from El Jadida. It has the distinction of being close to the powerful waves of the ocean and the quiet, calm blue waters of the sea that are reminiscent to some Mediterranean shores. Oualidia’s beach of fine white sands is protected by a rocky bay that extends along a superb lagoon, that can be walked along for kilometers and fully deserves its nickname as the "Blue Pearl of Morocco."

It should come as no surprise that a seafood culture would emerge from the depths of the stunning waters of Oualidia. Oysters, seafood and spider crabs are the local specialties that fishermen will make to your taste under an umbrella on the beach. Tours are available, in pretty shaded boats styled like Italian vaporettos, much to the delight of tourists.


Do you have the soul of an explorer? Good! Morocco offers some of the most enchanting attractions that mirror the uniqueness of this beautiful land. Come explore these unique destinations with HK-Tours.

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