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Essaouira is the perfect target for anyone who wishes to spend memorable moments.
The charming town of Essaouira invites you to enjoy many fun and friendly activities to have a pleasant stay.

Water Sports

Essaouira and its surrounding beaches are the wind and kite surfing destinations of Mororcco. It is an ideal place to discover water-sports if you are a novice or the perfect place to master your skills if you are already a water sports enthusiast. Come create unforgettable moments in the cool beautiful waters and lovely beaches of Essaouira.

Quad Bike

Come satisfy your love of speed and adventure as you explore the scenic forest trails by reserving your quad ride today! Discover the joy of a quad ride as you luxuriate in Esasaouira’s natural beautiful.

Desert Dunes on Horseback or Dromedary Camel

Travel through the endless dunes and explore the mysterious region of Essaouira on horseback or enjoy the rhythms of a dromedary camel as you create memories to last a lifetime.

Photographic Lessons

You have a camera and you want to understand theory, progress in shooting, composition, as you develop your unique style and perfect your focus, make better use of your device, know its possibilities and rework your photos.

Internship 1/2 day to a week, with a printed course.

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